Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 3466MHz Memory


Ram overclocking is something almost everyone does, albeit unknowingly, when they apply XMP settings. We’ll see if we can push our kit beyond that ‘factory overclock’.

Without touching any settings, we were able to take the Ballistix Elite to 3600Mhz effective speed at the same timings and voltage.

Doing this made a really positive impact on AIDA64 scores. Our Read saw an increase from 78608 to 81382 MB/s, Write from 82236 to 86698 MB/s and Copy got a smaller boost from 85226 to 86771 MB/s.
Latency also got a nice boost from a mid-range 80.1 nanoseconds to 76.35 nanoseconds.

From here, we were able to jump another step to 3733Mhz with a slight bump in voltage to 1.37V at the same timings with minor increases in scores.

We tried for a little more, and while we could get as far as 3874 MHz with relaxed timings and increased voltage, we never could get it 100% stable to complete some benchmarks. In the end, we have to call 3600MHz the sweet spot.

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