Ballistix Elite 32GB DDR4 3466MHz Memory

Final Thoughts & Conclusion


At this point, we wish we had 4 more sticks to fill this X299 system up to a full 64GB across all eight DIMM slots. I mean, just look at how gorgeous it looks with 4 sticks installed side by side! Out of the box, XMP settings are solid, giving it well but not class-leading performance. Overclocking it, on the other hand, has notable improvements. Just the small jump from 3466Mhz to 3600Mhz without touching any other settings places it in 1st place across the board in our testing.  If you don’t mind a little tinkering, you can push it even further for more gains, but most users don’t seem to bother with memory overclocking these days, even if it does make a significant difference to HEDT users on both Red and Blue platforms.

Aesthetics are really nice with the subtle but still aggressive styling compacted down to a normal sized module rather than the hulking behemoths the industry seems to enjoy on any ‘performance’ oriented kit of memory. Everyone tired of the RGB EVERYTHING! the attitude of the industry will likely appreciate the elegant black dressing on the Ballistix Elite kit. Even with overclocking attempts, the modules never got much above ambient. It’s pretty apparent the space between modules and between the PCB and heat spreader gives enough room for natural cooling as we tested on an open test bench with next to no forced air flow.

Great job Ballistix!


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