Ballistix Sport AT DDR4 32GB 3000MHz Gaming Memory review

Packaging & A Closer Look


Ballistix uses very similar packaging across all of their lines. The easy to open clamshell type packaging is easy to get into. The silver splash across the black diamond-plate background denotes the main product line, in this case, Ballistix Sport.

The back highlights the Sport segment at the top instead of the Elite and Tactical lines.

Inside are two clear trays with two sticks in each one.

The Sport AT looks very similar to the regular sport line, but a slightly different color heat spreader is accented with the TUF digital camo as well as some yellow and black accents.

The yellow and black accents are subtle enough to blend into a system without much yellow if you need.

Thankfully Ballistix doesn’t try to sell memory as ‘Dual Channel’ or ‘Quad Channel’. This is a 4-stick kit that can be used in any DDR4 system. Your processor and platform determine how many ‘channels’ you have, not your memory. We’ll be using this in a Dual channel capable system, but it would also work in a HEDT platform in Quad-channel mode as well.

The top of each stick has more yellow and gives it a bit of a caution line feel.

The heat spreaders are a brushed gunmetal grey color with just a touch of character stamped into them.

The top is vented and here you can see the yellow strip of the stick behind it.

Everything in the TUF gaming alliance is designed to not only work together flawlessly but to adhere to a very appealing look.

The Sport AT memory kit looks incredible paired with our ASUS TUF X470-PLUS Gaming motherboard.

The top edge of the ram keeps that same hint of yellow reminiscent of caution paint as the edges of the TUF series board.

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