Ballistix Sport AT DDR4 32GB 3000MHz Gaming Memory review



Ram overclocking is something almost everyone does, albeit unknowingly, when they apply XMP settings. XMP for this kit is 3000 MHz at 1.35V at 17-19-19-38.

We’ll see if we can push our kit beyond that.

Overclocking didn’t go well for us at all. We managed to get 3066MHz fully stable, but 3133MHz and 3200MHz were not completely stable even with voltages of up to 1.4V.

While Ballistix Sport AT and this particular motherboard didn’t leave us anything to gain by clocks, we did gain quite a bit but pulling the timings in nice and tight.
Dropping from 17-19-19-38 to 14-17-17-35 should certainly show in benchmarks.

The 66MHz jump in effective clock speed and tighter timings gives us about 1GB/s more bandwidth in AIDA on read and write and about 1.5GB/s more on copy functions. Latency also drops about 5ns thanks to the more aggressive timings.

This change in settings shows up as around 700 more MIPS in 7-zip as well.

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