be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 Case Review

A Closer Look: Exterior

With the Dark Base Pro 900 now unboxed, we can finally get our hands on the case and check out all it has to offer. The first thing that really caught our eye was the gorgeous black brushed aluminum finish throughout most of the case. It’s hard to capture on camera, but out of all the cases I have reviewed, this finish is hands down the best aesthetically.

Looking to the business side of the case, the Dark Base Pro 900 has a tempered glass panel which is attached to the case via four thumbscrews, one at each corner. Following the parameter of the glass is an orange accent strip which really adds a punch of color to the black case. Personally, we really love the contrast of the orange on the black and hope it’s continued throughout the case.

Taking a closer look at the side, we find some mesh ventilation which also follows the glass giving airflow to the top, front and bottom of the case.

The front of the Dark Base Pro 900 consists of a solid brushed aluminum hinged door with a silver be quiet! emblem at the bottom.

Opening the front panel reveals a fan speed slider, two 5.25” expansion bays, and a filtered intake. Beneath the filter are two preinstalled 140mm Silent Wings 3 fans with the be quiet! name displayed in the center. If you wished to install a third 140mm fan, you can remove the two drive bays and use the included fan bracket.

Taking a peek at the back of the door we find some sound dampening foam, which helps prevent the sound of the fans from escaping the front of the case.

Going to the backside of the case, we see the same orange accent strip and mesh ventilation that was on the other side. One difference is instead of a tempered glass window is a matte black steel panel that is attached by two thumbscrews located at the back of the case. Toward the front of the panel is a black plastic insert with be quiet! embossed on it.

At the top of the case is the Dark Base Pro’s I/O, which consists of two USB 3.0 ports, a 3.5mm audio/microphone jack, square LED-lit power button, lighting cycle button, HDD LED, a USB 3.1 Type C Gen. 2 port, and a USB quick charging port. With the beveled portion below the I/O, you get a better look of the brushed aluminum finish.


The entire top of the case carries on the brushed look we seen on the front of the case with some ventilation toward the back. At the front, be quiet! has included a Qi wireless charging pad which is quite convenient for anyone that has a wireless charging device such as a newer iPhone.

Flipping the case over to its back, it includes your common I/O cut, expansion slots (8 in total) and exhaust fan mount but you may notice it lacks a cutout for the PSU. In its place, we find a plug and switch which you would normally see on a PSU. This was done to keep the Dark Base Pro as configurable as possible which we will provide details about later in the review. Like on the top of the case, there is also more some ventilation slits on the upper portion of the back of the case.

Moving to the bottom of the case, the black brushed finish we saw on the front/top continues on the bottom. Even though you don’t see the bottom of the case much, it’s nice to see be quiet! take a little extra effort to make the unseen even look great. Looking at the corners of the Dark Base Pro, we see 4 large rubberized feet. One thing not on the bottom of this case is a mesh area for a PSU intake. This leads us to believe that the PSU will be installed with the intake fan facing up.

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