Be Quiet! Dark Rock Slim Air Cooler Review

Packaging & Unboxing

Be Quiet’s Dark Rock Slim comes in an all-black box. A picture of the cooler covers most of the front.

The back of the box gives you a little info about the cooler and the Silent Wings 3 fan it uses.

One side of the box shows the massive 180W TDP, a specs table, and a little bit about Be Quiet themselves.

The other side of the box has a QR code to take you to the website to learn more about the cooler.

Inside, you are immediately greeted with the paperwork laying on top.

The Dark Rock Slim is completely encased in white foam with a cutout on one side for the box with the mounting hardware.

The fan is also inside the foam block separated from the cooler by a thin foam sheet.

Inside the accessories box, you get a bag full of brackets and hardware, as well as two sets of fan mounting clips.

The accessories kit is broken into 4 main parts, a kit of AMD mounting hardware, a kit of Intel mounting hardware, the cooler mounting bracket and screws used with both, and the fan mounting clips. You get a tiny tube of thermal paste, with very little in it, probably one install worth.

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