Be Quiet! Dark Rock Slim Air Cooler Review

A Closer Look

Be Quiet’s Dark Rock Slim lives up to its name. it’s not very thick, and reasonably short for a tower air cooler. The Silent Wings 3 fan it comes with is quite the interesting looking fan, but these have proven to provide exceptional performance at an inaudible level.

The fan is rated to run 1500 RPM at less than 2 watts, and provide about 50 CFM at a miniscule 16.4 dBA. Air turbulence through the cooler brings this up to a still whisper-quiet 23.6 dBA for the entire cooler.

Four heat pipes provide 8 paths for heat to move up into the stack of wave-contoured cooling fins. A couple of rubber strips pre-installed along the edges give some vibration decoupling to the fan.

Like most coolers, a sticker protects the cooling surface prior to installation.

The cold plate features a perfectly flat machined surface. The machine marks radiate out from the center but still provide a near mirror finish.

Two sets of spring-wire mounting clips hold the fan to the cooler.

The clips slide through the fins and hook over the fins themselves. This lets the fan easily be adjusted up or down as needed.

The rubber pads keep the fan up just slightly above the cooler.

The base plate also has a set of fins to give that tiny bit extra cooling.

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