Be Quiet! Dark Rock Slim Air Cooler Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Be Quiet’s Dark Rock Slim is a tiny powerhouse. There are plenty of compact tower air coolers out there, but the majority are only good enough for daily use for the average user. The Dark Rock Slim on the other hand easily kept pace with our higher end i9-9900K, even with a pretty solid overclock on it. In fact, it pretty well keeps pace with this level of loading the same or better than all but the highest end closed loop liquid cooling systems. One of the biggest reasons to go liquid cooling is silence under load. Be Quiet pretty well negates that need, this cooler cannot be heard in a real system, even under full load. We had to put our ear next to the fan in an open-air test bench to even hear it.
If you need a good cooler and need silence, and you have $60 to spend, the Dark Rock Slim is a no brainer. If you also need something compact that won’t interfere with the rest of your build while still being high performance, then your shopping trip is done right here.

Excellent job Be Quiet!

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