be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 Review

One of the most important things you can do for your PC is getting a CPU Cooler. It is one of the few necessary parts of a PC, and this is an area you don’t want to cheap out on if you want your CPU to last a long while. be quiet! has just released their newest CPU Cooler called the Shadow Rock 3. It retails for 49.99 and can be found in most online retailers. The Shadow Rock 3 is the third in the Shadow Rock series from be quiet! and has some major improvements from the last in the series.

be quiet shadow rock 3 running inside pc

be quiet! as a company is not only a hard name to write with autocorrect on but is also a PC hardware company that has been in the business of PC parts for 20 years. It has been voted Germany’s #1 PSU Manufacturer along with other accolades. According to its website, “be quiet! is a premium brand of power supplies, PC cases, and cooling solutions for desktop PCs. The products of be quiet! offer legendary quiet operation and first-class performance thanks to the passion for quality and precision. A special focus is on product quality and details. This is why our very own experts lead product conception, design, and quality control from our headquarters in Germany.”

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