Best Gaming Chairs for Short People

Various factors can make or break your gaming session. If you are a casual gamer, then some of these reasons might not affect you, but if you are a serious gamer, you want everything to be perfect. And comfort is one such reason that every gamer keeps in mind. You cannot enjoy your gaming session if you are not comfortable enough.

That’s where gaming chairs come in. Unfortunately, it sometimes feels like these chairs aren’t always considering the the vertically challenged.

Manufacturers design gaming chairs specifically, keeping the needs of a gamer in mind. The chair should be ergonomic with soft foam and superior lumbar support. It should be able to offer these services to everyone without any compromise. But it could be frustrating if you order a gaming chair, and it turned out to be too big.

Here are our best gaming chairs for short people:

1. RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite gaming Chair
2. PC Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair
3. GT Racing S1 Gaming Chair
4. AKRacing California Gaming Chair

A few considerations

The wrong chair can turn your gaming session into a nightmare. If the head, neck, or lumbar supports do not work at the right place, you could develop pain in different body parts.

Luckily for shorter people, some manufacturers make gaming chairs keeping short people in mind.

RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair

RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite gaming Chair is among the highest-ranked gaming chair for short people. The chair gets a headrest and a high-rise back with sectioned padding in the right places. The high-rise back with ample padding will ensure that you can enjoy your gaming session without tiring. On top of it, you also get a comfortable footrest and padded armrest. It means you can enjoy your long gaming session and then recline back to take a short nap. What else do you want?

The chair gets a reclining angle of 155 degrees to adjust through the infinite locking positions and tilt tension adjustment. It comes in a stain-resistant cover, which means you can enjoy your snacks while gaming without thinking too much about stains.

What we like?
-the extendable footrest
-155 degrees reclining angle
-Amazing lumbar support.

What we didn’t?
-Not meant for people above 6 feet.
-Its price tag.


GT Racing S1 Gaming Chair with Bluetooth speakers

One thing that goes with GT Racing S1 Gaming Chair above anything else is its racing bucket-seat design. The gaming chair gets a robust metal frame with thick padding at the back and the seat to ensure a comfortable sitting posture. With high-density foam, you will feel relaxed and soon break in the chair. It also gets nylon smooth-rolling casters, which offer enough stability and mobility at the same time.

But the biggest plus on this chair is the music system. The chair comes with two Bluetooth speakers embedded in the shoulder support that offers 6 hours long continuous music time. GT Racing S1 Gaming Chair does a lot better than RESPAWN and gives you a reclined angle of 170 degrees. You also get soft-padded and adjustable armrests. With ample head and lumbar support, you can easily sit for the whole day and enjoy your gaming session.

What we like?
-Two Bluetooth speakers.
-Adjustable height and armrests
-Nylon-surround robust metal frame with thick padding.

What we didn’t?
-Slightly heavy chair makes handling tedious.
-No input/output jack
-No subwoofers to control the sound from the speakers


AKRacing California Gaming Chair

AKRacing California Gaming Chair is a decent offering on our list with ample comfort. The chair is compact-sized with a beautiful race bucket-seat design. It is perfect for people between 4’9” to 5’6” of height.

The chair design may seem a little conservative, but the makers made sure to use the best material to make it. It has a reinforced steel frame with cold-cured foam and PU leather to make a premium comfort chair. The chair also has a 3D adjustable armrest that you can move in different directions. The makers are quite proud of their product and give you a 10-year manufacturer warranty. But the price is one thing that will shoo away budget-friendly gamers.

What we like?
-Race bucket-seat design
-Appropriate for people shorter than 5 feet.
-comfortable neck and lower lumbar support

What we didn’t?
-small base makes it feel unstable
-no tilt tension or recline lock
-A little pricey


PC Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

PC Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair is a highly comfortable and height-appropriate chair for short people. What’s more? It also gets a massage function in the lower lumbar support you can manage via remote control. That means if you get tired after a long gaming session, you can switch on the massager and enjoy a relaxing break. Or you can keep the massager on during your gaming session so that it keeps you invigorated.

The gaming chair is ergonomically designed with curvaceous body lines and ample high-density foam padding that surrounds you. They have used soft PU leather to cover the foam padding and are water and oil-resistant.

What we like?
-The massage function
-Great footrest, lumbar, and armrest support
-certified from Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association
What we didn’t?
-That price tag
-Plastic is hard



So, folks! These are the best gaming chairs for short people that you can find in the market. Each of these chairs was tried and tested and came out on top. They fit all the gaming chair parameters idle for short people and will prove a great buy for you. But do your research and go through their features before you buy one.

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