Best Gaming Chairs with Footrests (2021)

Best Gaming Chairs With Footrests

If you are loving gaming, then apart from a great gaming computer, you will need an equally awesome gaming chair with a footrest. These gaming chairs are specifically designed with the needs of a gamer in mind. Designers prioritize ergonomics since serious gamers will be spending a lot of their time playing games with their bums sinking deep in the chair. Gaming chairs are often more ergonomic, comfortable, and stylish than your regular desk chairs.

But while all the chairs take care of your back and buttocks, only gaming chairs take care of your whole body, even your feet. Gaming chairs with footrests are gaining popularity after they’ve been spotted with various streamers, and everyone is going after them.

The Best Gaming Chairs with Footrests in 2021

1. Hbada Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair with Footrest

2. Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

3. Ficmax Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

4. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

A few considerations

It is the extra bit of comfort that the footrest provides that makes the real difference. With the footrest in place, you can lean back and relax for a more extended gaming session. The footrest takes the pressure off your feet when you sit for a long session and thus, releases the stress on your thighs. It also relaxes your hip angle, and the result is that you get better blood circulation.

Keep in mind you should have sufficient space under your desk to place it. If your desk is narrow and is placed adjacent to a wall, you may not be able to fully extend your legs.

If you are in the market looking for the best gaming chairs with footrests, you should stay a while longer and read our complete article. We will be covering how, what, and why about all our picks, which will surely give you a good idea.

Let’s begin then, shall we?

1. Hbada Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair with Footrest

Best Overall Gaming Chair with Footrest


In our experience, the Hbada Ergonomic PC Gaming Chair is the best overall gaming chair with a footrest. Hbada, if you have been in the gaming world for a while now, is a manufacturer that makes budget-friendly office and gaming chair furniture. Their Ergonomic PC gaming chair with a footrest is a comfortable, supportive, and thickly padded chair and people are buying them a lot. Hbada can easily qualify to become your primary work chair at your home office.

The chair still holds aesthetic values and has genuine curves, but its flared components make the chair less aggressive. The overall design makes Hbada chair a wider seat with a reduced bucket-style racing seat design.

Hbada gave their gaming chair a max recline-angle of 135 degrees. While it has more recline angle than most gaming chairs, it is not enough to top the list. But it still has other adjustability options that include three different recline positions and nearly 4” of adjustment range.

This chair model comes with a footrest with extra padding on the front for utmost comfort, and you can retract it whenever you want.

What do we like?

-It has an ergonomic design due to its S-curved frame providing you complete back support, padded armrests, and melded headrest.

-That extra padded footrest.

-It is quite comfortable, and you can use it as a gaming chair and an office chair.

What we don’t like. 

-It has no tilt rock function but only locking recline positions.

– no perforated seat leather, which makes breathability an issue.

-Armrests feel flimsy and cheap.

2. Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Footrest


The one chair built with only ergonomics in mind, Respawn 110, is what you need. The bucket-seat design is aesthetically pleasing and is lined with thick padding all around the chair. As a user, you get a wide seat with ample lumbar support and a curved back design that surrounds you comfortably. It far more comfortable than the most comfortable chair you can find in the market, and isn’t it that we all gamers want?

Respawn 110 is padded up to its edges; in fact, the padding extends well into its armrests. But that also means you lose out on armrest adjustability. This is a small niggle in a fantastic package, but one thing that seriously annoys us is that it can be pretty challenging to reach the height and recline adjustment levers due to all that padding.

What do we like?

-They offer fantastic customer service

-Best overall ergonomics in the market.

-The frame is stable and lightweight.

What we don’t like. 

-No armrest adjustment

-reaching the adjustment levers is tedious.

3. Ficmax Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

The Best Gaming Chair with a Footrest from an overall comfort perspective


If you want to buy the best gaming chair with a footrest in the market right now, you should go for Ficmax Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair. The makers understand a gamer’s needs; that’s why they not only gave their chair a footrest but also a fade-resistant PU leather and high-density memory foam. Then, you also get a recline-angle of full 180 degrees, so that sorts your power naps.

The chair comes with a foldable footrest, and you can look for different color options as well. The only cons about this chair are its price and weight capacity.

What do we like?

-Superior comfort

-Lumbar massage function

-Extra cushion for the chair base.

-Numerous color and style options

What we don’t like. 

-That price tag

-Weight capacity is a little less.

4. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

Best Chair with Footrest that has massage capability


There are not many gaming chairs in the market that come with a massage pillow. The makers made the chair around the same concept. It has USB functionality for the lower back support pillow as the padding and contours are designed to focus on the pillow.

While it is not a bad deal, other areas seem to have fallen out of focus. The seat takes longer than usual to break in, and not everyone will find the head and lumbar support pillows comfortable. And if all that wasn’t enough, the armrests feel cheap and flimsy. But then again, if you want a massage chair at this price, you can make a tradeoff. Oh, and it has a footrest!

What do we like?

-That price tag.

-Lumbar support with massage pillow.

-Height and weight support work better than the recommended limit.

What we don’t like. 

-Head and lumbar support will not satisfy everyone.

-The seat is hard and takes time to break-in.


While a gaming chair makes your gaming session comfortable, a gaming chair with a footrest takes that comfort to the next level. It makes sure you keep going and have fun while taking away all the tiredness. And it’s not like you have to use your gaming chair for gaming only; there can be several uses like lounging, working, etc. Do your research before you buy a gaming chair.

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