Best Online Games to Play With Friends


League of Legends

Available on: PC

This was the most popular game in the world, so it’s clear League of Legends doesn’t need an introduction. Still the number 1 MOBA game, LoL is a great game for you and your friends. If you have four friends, you can play two 5v5 maps. And if you’re 10 people, then there’s always the possibility to create custom games and try defeating each other’s nexus.


Available on: PC

DOTA 2 is the successor of DOTA, the first popular MOBA. This game is similar to League of Legends, allowing you to join a team of 5 players and push towards the enemy base. Of course, DOTA 2 is a lot more fun if you play it with friends.

Other similar games: Heroes of the Storm, Smite.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Available on: PC

If you’re surrounded by friends that love Star Wars and know a thing or two about MMORPGs, then you’ll surely enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic. You can be a Jedi, a Sith, a smuggler or a bounty hunter! There are lightsabers, blasters and aliens from the Star Wars universe, but also new weapons, pets and constant updates with new stories since the game got launched.

Guild Wars 2

Available on: PC

Guild Wars 2 is a popular MMO that doesn’t try to copy World of Warcraft. Instead, it has different ideas and directions that some gamers might like more. Leveling and completing quests with your friends feels less of a grind and more of an adventure.

World of Warcraft

Available on: PC

We truly believe World of Warcraft is the best MMO ever. That may be because we’re already playing WoW for some years and now that Shadowlands is on its way, the hype is here. WoW is always fun with friends, whether you’re up for a dungeon, raid or just want to level up and quest. There is so much content in WoW that it could take you years to complete all the quests from every expansion – if you are crazy enough to do that. There are a lot of classes and specializations that no matter how picky your friends are, they will surely find something fit for their playstyle.

Other similar games: Final Fantasy 14, The Elder Scrolls Online, EVE Online, Neverwinter, Runescape, Tera, Blade and Soul.

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