Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon in 2020

Disclaimer: none of the speakers on this list have been sent to ProClockers. This is an entirely objective and unsponsored review.

Wireless speakers have evolved in the past few years and now they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and more. There are plenty of affordable wireless speakers out there that are also rugged and ready for an adventure out in the wild.  But what speaker do you really need? We’re checking out eight wireless speakers that are more than a bargain for what they’re offering.

Here’s how this breakdown happened: I originally purchased one of these speakers, and had it playing while we were on a trip at the cottage. One of my friends pulled out a speaker that was about a 1/4 of the size, and we decided to compare sound. I was shocked that the difference wasn’t dramatic. We’re talking about a $100+ speaker that I purchased full of premium features, compared to some freebie they got as part of a promotion. This made me realize: I simply did not buy a high quality speaker. There must be better ones. How is this possible, considering it is so highly rated on Amazon? Well, I don’t believe it’s anything as nefarious as fake reviews.. but I believe that anyone who is buying these devices has no frame of reference. None of the speakers below are poor. They can all produce sound and likely exceed your expectations relative to their size. Only when they are compared side-by-side do you notice a difference, and then it is apparent, that the top 4 (ranked 1 through 4) are a step above the bottom 4 (ranked 5 through 8).  But again, none are terrible.

The other thing that is apparent is that he difference is quite subtle between most of them. Bass, without a proper sub-woofer, will never be incredible. It’s just impossible.

Lastly, you will not find any video or audio recordings of these devices in this review. This was a deliberate omission. Too much of the sound quality is lost through the recording, and then ultimately the sounds depends on your own setup. In many cases on the list, the sound is so close in quality that you simply would not hear a difference unless you are witnessing it in person. All sound comparison was done after downloading some of the best audio available.

Here’s what ProClockers has checked out and what each of the following speakers can offer in terms of performance, build, and extra features.

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