Best Video Cards Under $200 in 2020

Budget-Friendly Video Cards for Your Gaming Rig in 2020

Those that have built their own PCs have noticed that video cards have the biggest price tags. However, we can’t all afford to pay thousands of dollars for a video card, so let’s dial down the crazy and look at the best performance for the lowest prices on the market.

Yes, there is performance to those under $200 video cards, and we’re here to tell you which are the best video cards to set up your mid-range gaming rig in 2020.

It all goes down to the best price to performance ratio, so don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. You’ll find in our list the best value for your money, and we have added even cheaper or slightly more expensive models to give you more options.

Before we talk about the best GPUs under $200, make sure to look at each video card’s specs:

  • Resolution – with a budget GPU, you can get enough performance at 1080 pixels.
  • Power supply – make sure it’s powerful enough to power the GPU and that it has the right pin connectors (6 or 8) for that GPU.
  • Memory – the minimum recommended is 4GB, but it’s obviously much better to go for 6GB and 8GB.
  • FreeSync or G-Sync – if your monitor supports it, these refresh rate technologies are welcomed features.
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