BIOSTAR B360GT3S Motherboard Review


BIOScreen Utility

This utility allows you to personalize your boot logo easily. You can choose BMP

image as your boot logo so as to customize your computer.


eHot-Line Utility

Integrated e-service automatically sends your technical support request to Biostar Globe tech support without any delay.


 Racing GT EVO Utility

BIOSTAR’s Racing GT EVO utility is pretty well a ‘one stop shop’ for everything in your system.

Headphone and speaker adjustments.

Overall performance profiles.

And lighting controls are just the start.

Fans can be controlled in one tab…

While fan speeds, temperatures, and voltages can be monitored in another.

You can even access the overclocking controls right from your desktop, even if the B360 platform is quite limited in this capability.

Voltages can be controlled from here as well.

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