BIOSTAR B360GT3S Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

BIOSTAR is routinely turning out under-appreciated boards the last few generations and the Racing B360GT3S is another sleeper of a motherboard. While you do get some RGB ‘bling’ on the racing series boards, the overall aesthetics are quite subtle and do not indicate the surprising performance lurking under the hood. The B360GT3S held on to first place in most of our testing and we feel Intel’s artificial 2666MHz memory speed limit is all that is keeping this board from going toe to toe with the many Z370 offerings on the market. The VRM runs cool and we didn’t notice any related power or thermal throttling out of it.
The Racing GT Evo Utility we found to be a really great piece of software. All boards have software associated with them, but BIOSTAR has mostly wrapped everything up into one single lightweight interface and we really enjoyed this approach.  Overall this is a great performing board with a ton to offer for a 2-digit price tag on the street. What’s not to love?


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