An SSD today is a crucial component for any computer built today whether it’s a gaming build or office build and other computer builds in between. SSDs have become a mainstream component compared to a decade ago but with it comes the numerous offerings from different brands all over the world. One of the new players in the SSD market is BIOSTAR. While BIOSTAR is known for motherboards, they too now have SSDs to offer and their newest offerings is the G330 SSD Series which we will be looking at today.

The BIOSTAR G330 SSD uses the standard 2.5-inch form factor and packs an SMI 2258 controller and SK Hynix DRAM cache. For its flash chips, it features the latest Micron 3D TLC NAND flash chips offering speeds of up to 565MB/s read and 515MB/s write which is pretty much the performance of top-tier SATA III SSDs as this seems to be the limit of current SATA 6Gb/s ports. We already know SSD’s can far exceed 565MB/s but the SATA port is the limiting factor. Let us see how well will the BIOSTAR G330 do in our tests using Intel’s latest HEDT offerings.

We would like to thank BIOSTAR for sending us this sample to review.


Unique Design

To fit with your PC or laptop perfectly, SSD of this series is uniquely designed with the premium laser unibody screwless metallic case with rounded shape and the super slim size 6.8mm to make your PC DIY style stand out and steady the chassis.


To be much flexible for most of the use environment, BIOSTAR G330 series SSD is the first market-leading one to adopt 4 power management chips from the worldwide IC manufacturer, for effectively prolonging its lifespan and enhancing its durability. Furthermore, it can operate continuously at the key moment for data transfer and high-frequency read-write loading even under the toughest environment.

Optimized Performance

For virtual reality gaming or 3D video content, BIOSTAR G330 series SSD with high-speed DDR3 cache and top-notch 3D TLC memory module provide 2 times faster data transfer rate than that of traditional SSD. Moreover, the combination of six-layer PCB and break-away grounding design bring out stable signal frequency.

6-U Design

Ultra-fast: With high-end memory module inside, G330 SSD’s data transfer performance is faster than those of competitive SSD by 10%. It can operate stably with an extremely exceptional performance for gaming, files reading, or system booting, even under the toughest environment.

Ultra-stable: The patented screwless housing design can effectively prevent damages from shocking and protect your valuable data on the go.

Ultra Energy-saving: G330 series SSD is equipped with prime power management IC, the worldwide IC manufacturer, providing stable and super low energy consumption.

Ultra-durable: The professional six-layer PCB design brings out this exceptionally durable SSD and operating stably under an environment of 158°F(70°C).

Ultra-premium: Laser metallic curved case with premium aluminum surface offers the excellent cooling solution and brings the fashionable element for your personal style.

Laser aluminum surface with cooling function

Ultra-slim: Only at 6.8mm thick, the G330 series SSD is extremely slim, so that it can fit your PC or laptop chassis easily and perfectly.

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