Biostar N3150NH Motherboard With Integrated Intel N3150 CPU Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Biostar N3150NH retails for a very attractive $69.99. That puts it in the price range of just about any DIYer. Though with only two SATA ports a file server would be a bit limited, but a home theater PC or net-top would not be out of the question. I personally found the performance to be adequate for general usage. I surfed the web and played some light games with it as well.

The motherboard layout is very good. All the headers and ports seem logically placed. There are plenty of those ports too. DVI monitor support is lacking, but HDMI is there and most monitors feature HDMI now anyway. The Biostar N3150NH runs very cool. Even after over an hour of heavy usage, the heatsink never passed 30 ° C. With the fan-less heatsink design, adding a fan-less power supply would net you a silent PC.

For the price of a typical budget friendly CPU or motherboard, you can get a CPU and motherboard with the Biostar N3150NH. That is a hard bargain to pass up.


  • Silent Operation
  • Logical Layout
  • Great Price


  • None

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