Building A Silent PC – Sponsored by Antec

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I have to say I’m very impressed with Antec’s commitment for silence. When I fired the system up I could only hear two things – a VERY faint hum from the Kuhler 950’s pump and a very faint whirr from the GPU fans spinning. The software for the Kuhler 950 was set to “Silent” mode and the fan RPM never passed 800 except when doing some light gaming – at which point you’re surrounded by sound from your game anyhow. The fans on the Kuhler 950 were dead silent – even in a push/pull configuration. The TrueQuiet 120 fans were also set to low in the interest of silence and performed admirably. The fan on the EDGE 650W PSU was dead silent at all but the heaviest loads.

Antec nailed it with this package. They give you great looks, great cooling and silence all wrapped up together. The components play nice together and keep your hardware cool and quiet.

A huge thanks to Antec for supplying the gear for this writeup!

Parts used:

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