Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

Closer look

The Cruiser is a little booger but it does boast some pretty good specifications for a mouse that is meant to be used for laptops and net books. The mouse is defined by its fast 1600 DPI blue laser. For most portable PC users 800 DPI is more than adequate as most people do not play games on their laptop outside of Solitaire. But for those that do play an occasional RPG or FPS the Cruiser maybe suitable for that. According to Choiix the reason behind the blue laser is its ability to be able to track almost on any surface.

At just under four inches long it sits pretty comfortably on the palm of the hand. With the batteries inserted it weighted just enough to feel right as I played with it over the past few days. What most people will find nice about the Cruiser is the height of the mouse is adjustable for satisfy those with high arching palms.

The Cruiser comes with four different colors: black, green, blue, red and white which we are reviewing today. For those that have those fancy color Dells, Sony and other notebooks Choiix got you covered.

The Cruiser is of the three button configuration which is two standard left and right buttons as well as the scroll wheel. Since there are no drivers needed to install the Cruiser the buttons are only be re-assigned via the Microsoft mouse panel. So, there are no crazy macros configurations with this model but you have to realize this is not meant for extreme gamers just causal users.

The bottom of the Cruiser consists of a few buttons and switches are common on most mice. There is the power button which is just one way of power off the mouse. The other is built-in as the mouse can go in a stand-by mode when not in use. A connect button to sync the mouse with the nano adapter. The laser, battery compartment and a small sliding level that allows you to adjust the height of the mouse. The rear of the mouse can house the nano adapter as well.

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