Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse


I have been using the Choiix Cruiser for approximately two weeks now. And not being meant for gamers I tested it was using my everyday applications which would be Gimps, several MS Office productions, the web and other various apps. For all intend and purposes the mouse performed pretty well.

First time using the mouse at default settings the DPI was rather high but a quick trip to Control Panel remedy that. Everything else worked great. But our will testing came when we tried using the Cruiser on different surfaces. It begun with the typical mouse pad which was from CM Storm. It is a cloth pad and the mouse just glided right across it. Other surfaces included my wife’s dining room table which consists of wood and granite. Yes, she wasn’t too happy with that. And there was the leather ottoman which she didn’t care too much about. The last surface was a little irregular. Because when I am in the living room typing up reviews like this at least one of my twins is laying next to me on your baby blanket so I tried the blanket as a surface. Out of all the surfaces this one was the most troublesome. The mouse pointer scrolled across the screen just fine but was not precise.


The Choiix Cruiser is a very decent portable mouse that is constantly on their laptops. I found that my time with it was very present. It is very lightweight and portable making it a breeze to pack away in your laptop case when you are on the run. The ability to mate the nano adapter with the mouse when not in use it great as there is little chance of losing the little adapter. And because the unit is wireless operating on the 2.4GHz frequency you don’t have to worry about cords and cables. Just free reign to move about as you please.

One small feature of the Cruiser that I like and I am sure will be overlooked is the stand-by power mode. I use a wireless mouse on a constant basis and finding that I periodically have to change out the batteries every three months or so. With the Cruiser and the power saving mode Choiix states the batteries should last approximately four to six months.

The adjustable height feature is ideal for those that are looking for max comfort.

When initially connected to the PC the Cruiser pointer seems to be set at full speed which is too fast for a laptop in my opinion. It seems to scream across the screen before I could visual on the other side of the screen. But it is simple to remedy that as all that is needed is a trip to the Control Panel and searching for the mouse icon. After adjusting the DPI to a more suitable speed for me I was off and running.

The overall shape of the mouse took some getting used to. I am accustom to mice with a narrow rear which is the area where the back of your palm would rest on the mouse like my CM Sentinel which I use on my big rig. The rear of the Cruiser was squarer making it feel slightly awkward in my hand. This is more of a personal issue and not a factory flaw.

Overall, the Cruiser from Choiix is a nice change from the touchpad of laptop and will suit anyone doing general PC activities and very light gaming just fine.


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