Choiix Power Fort 5.5 Portable Power Adapter


To test the Power Fort 5.5, once it was fully charged we connected it to my trusty HTC HD2. Once the Power Fort was connected the A/C charging icon popped up on to the screen indicating proper charging.

A quite round was made around the house to see if the Power Fort would work on other devices; it did. These devices included an old HTC Mogul cell phone, a 2nd generation iPod Touch, an old classic iPod and a Motorola Razr phone.


If you ever find yourself in need of additional power for your cell phone or other portable devices, then the Power Fort 5.5 from Choiix is a nice product to have handy. We are often caught in a predicament where we really need the use of our cell phone and find that the last bar is flashing telling us it is about to power down. Times like this is where we would find ourselves praying for such a device like the Power Fort. Our prayers were answered with the Advanced not too long ago, and now it has gotten better by being lighter and coming in a more portable size.

According to Choiix the Power Fort can be charged up to 300 times and maintain at least an 85% full charge. Meaning the Power Fort can be used for a long time, which in turn translates into getting your monies worth from it.

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