Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler


Thermalright or Cogage whichever you decide to call them has made their way back to the promise land. The new Arrow cooler has placed itself at the top of the hill beating out the Noctua D14 our present king. The number clearly speaks for themselves as it equaled or outperformed the Noctua offering. But did happened after we added a second fan to the equation.

The Cogage Arrow comes equipped with just one fan which is good enough to make it a very competitive cooler. Still appearing near the top of the list. But implementing another mix makes it a top rank cooler. We wished the two fans came standard equipment with the cooler like the Noctua offering does. Considering the Arrow is of dual tower configuration dual fans would be nice.

Being one of the best coolers we have tested thus far it is not without a negative or two. The first thing is if are an AMD fan boy you will have to order the AM2/AM3 brackets separate as it is not included. The price of the brackets will set you back about $10 on top of the asking $65 price we have seen across the web. This and adding about $10 to $15 for a second fan will put you in the same price range of the Noctua D14 which we found for $90. So no real love lost there.

The installation of the cooler is simple but does require some time to complete. Thermalright as well as Pro-Clockers recommends you to install the cooler in such a way it is parallel to that of the GPU. Basically with the fan blowing to the rear of the case if using one. And when if comes to installing we did not find the size of the cooler a big problem on some of the motherboards we test fixed it on. Installation of our newly acquired Asrock X58 Extreme3 was a no-go has the active cooled mosfet of the board made it impossible to mount the Arrow.

We would like to think Cogage and Hank from Thermalright for sending over our new king of air-cooling.



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