Compro TN600RW Wireless IP Camera Review


Home surveillance is becoming increasingly common these days. Part of this is due to the lower cost and higher quality of consumer-grade systems. Compro USA is a leader in home surveillance and they’ve got a huge range of cameras to suit your needs. From monitoring things while you’re away to keeping an eye on those sneaky kids that should be napping, the uses for home camera systems are almost endless.They were kind enough to send us out one of their TN600RW wireless IP cameras along with an IR outlet switch accessory to check out for you guys so let’s get to it!

About Compro Technology:

Founded in 1988, Compro Technology is a leading developer and manufacturer of IT products, specializing in network video, products ranging from PC digital video to consumer digital video. Compro is now applying its technical expertise to developing the new generation of surveillance technology, leading the technology shift from traditional analog surveillance solutions to digital network-based surveillance solutions. Compro network surveillance solutions span the home security and professional installation markets.

Compro Consumer Surveillance Solutions are designed with superior specifications and ease to use to address the requirements of the home and small business users. These products are easy to setup, monitor, and control, and can be managed with PCs, notebooks or mobile phones at anytime, from anywhere.

Compro Professional Surveillance Solutions include advanced technologies to provide superior IP surveillance features, such as H.264 video compression, Day/Night vision performance, built-in 802.3af compliant PoE, on-board SD storage, and high-quality high-resolution monitoring. Compro’s solutions include network cameras, video servers, video management software, and a full range of accessories to meet the requirements of the various vertical surveillance applications such as retail, telecom, etc.

With principles founded on more than twenty years of successfully developing and producing high-quality network video products, forming win-win business alliances and supporting our customers, Compro is fully committed to becoming a leading supplier of network video solutions.”

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications for the TN600RW now.

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