Compro TN600RW Wireless IP Camera Review

C4Home App – A Closer Look

Tapping on the camera from the last screen will bring you to this screen. The camera’s view it up top along with the room temp in the top left. Default is ºC but you can change it to ºF in the settings if you would like. On the left side bar we have, from top, screenshot, alarm and camera microphone. The camera mic icon shows you if the camera’s mic is active or not. Here we can see that it is and as such you’ll hear any sounds through your phone. On the right side, from top, there is the talk button and target button. The talk button allows you to speak into your phone and your voice will come out of the camera’s on-board speaker. The talk feature is a hold-to-use so you won’t accidentally leave it on. The target icon allows you to quickly pan and tilt the camera to pre-set locations that you can set yourself. In the middle we have the Home button which is a pre-set location (default is straight ahead and level with the base) and all of the arrow keys which control the pan/tilt mechanisms for the camera.


Under the camera settings tab (accessed by tapping the blue arrow to the right of the camera) we have the screen seen above. Here you can change general notification and camera settings.


Here we have the grid view. With this you can simultaneously view up to 4 connected cameras at one. Tapping one one of the screens up top will enlarge that particular feed on the bottom.



Here we have all of the settings available from the C4Home app. Everything from temperature notifications to motion notifications cab he set up here. Getting too hot in the little one’s room? Simply set the notifications to let you know. Then you can use the app and the IR switched outlet to turn on the AC and cool things down a tad. You can also share the video stream with a friend (or babysitter or house sitter) for convenience.


Once the camera is connected you’ll immediately notice two potentially annoying things. The first is the bright blue LED on the front of the camera that’s always on. That’s fine if you’re using it for general home monitoring. However if you’ll be using it for child monitoring (like me) then that bright LED can light up the child’s room at night. Luckily there’s settings in the software to turn this LED off, but only if you access it from A PC. The second potential annoyance is the WiFi dongle. It’s got a blue activity LED to show you that it’s connected via WiFi. However once again in a dark room it’s quite bright and makes the whole room flicker with WiFi activity. This, however, you cannot turn off. Compro has informed me that they’re releasing a new version of the WiFi dongle that’s not as bright and should solve the issues I had with it. I however took it upon myself to fix the problem with mine. I designed a shroud to cover the dongle (allowing room for airflow and cooling) and printed it out on my 3D printer. You can find the shroud here on Thingiverse and print your own.


The shroud allows for ample free air cooling while blocking most of the light emitted from the WiFi dongle.

Let’s take a look at the PC software now.

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