Compro TN600RW Wireless IP Camera Review

Camera Setup on PC

Before using the WiFi dongle you need to hook the camera directly to your router via the supplied Ethernet cable. Once the initial setup is done you can install and configure the WiFi dongle.

Upon insterting the software CD you’ll be greeted with this initial page asking you to chose a language to continue the installation with. Default is English.

The first thing the software does is scan your network to find the camera.

Once the camera is detected the model, port an internal IP address is displayed along with the camera’s serial number and firmware version.

Next up you can set the device name and optional description as well as set the date and time on the camera.

Next you can chose to setup the C4Home cloud service if you chose to do so.

On the next screen you can chose to have the camera obtain its IP address automatically or you can set a specific IP address for it.

On the next screen you can choose the orientation of the camera. This is useful if you plan on mounting your camera on the ceiling or setting it on a shelf or something similar.

The next screen shows the available WiFi networks picked up by the WiFi dongle attached to the camera. It also shows signal strength and whether or not the networks are encrypted which is nice.

Next you enter the secutirty type and password for the selected wireless network. Here again you have the option to have the camera obtain the IP address automatically or set one yourself.

Once you’ve entered your C4Home account information the software takes care of the rest of the setup process.

Once the setup is complete you’ll see this screen outlining all the details of the camera’s installation parameters.

Finally the software gives you the internal IP address of the camera and asks if you’d like to setup another device.

Now I first tried Chrome to view the IP address of the camera and was presented with this error. No matter what I did I couldn’t seem to get it to work properly in Chrome.

However with IE11 it worked perfectly. The screen image is fuzzy because I hadn’t upped the quality settings yet. You can see here you’ve got all of the controls from the app with the addition of changing the pan/tilt speed, changing the IR LED brightness, mic and speaker volume and recording clips and viewing the recorded clips.

Here we have the full settings page accessible only from a PC. The amount of settings here is quite mind-boggling to be honest and I could go into an entire review just on these settings, but I won’t. In here is where you can shut off the blue front LED we talked about earlier though.

Let’s wrap up this review with some final thoughts.

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