Cooler Master H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition Case review

Packaging & Unboxing

Like many of Cooler Master’s cases, they don’t waste money on fancy printing on the box you are likely only going to throw away. It comes in brown cardboard with black ink showing a render of the case, and the model number.

The back of the box has a short blurb about the case itself and some info in several languages.

Inside, the H500P Mesh is secured in two large blocks of Styrofoam. A bit of paperwork and a box of accessories sits on top of the foam.

Under the foam, the case is wrapped in a plastic bag, and also in a cloth tote.

The little black box on the outside of the Styrofoam holds some hardware.

You get a small cloth for removing fingerprints, a fan power adapter, a stand-alone RGB controller for your fans if needed, some brackets, zip ties and a bag of screws.

The case comes inside of a cloth tote bearing the Cooler Master logo.

The handles let you easily lift the case out of the cardboard box without having to resort to that awkward flip the box over and try to lift it off without something happening maneuver you end up with most of the time.

Even though you get the tote, Cooler Master still wraps the case in a plastic bag to keep dust and such off of the case.

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