Cooler Master H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition Case review

A Closer Look: Exterior

Cooler Master’s H500P Mesh is already a nice looking case, but the Phantom Gaming edition just makes you say ‘wow!’.

Both main side panels have the same grey and red paint job, but the back panel includes the PG logo in the center.

The edges of the exterior have matching red and grey accents over the silver.

As this is the ‘mesh’ version, the entire front of the case is a large mesh panel allowing a ton of airflow for the included 200mm fans.

The Cooler Master badge sits about perfectly over the center hub of the lower 200mm fan.

The top has a clear plastic panel, but the edges feature large mesh-covered openings for airflow. The Phantom Gaming slogan FAST / MYSTERIOUS / UNBEATABLE is subtly marked in grey on both sides.

The clear panel on top gives you a great view into the interior by default, or a look at RGB fans if you choose to install extras later.

The rear of the case doesn’t have any trim over the black steel chassis but gives you easy access to everything you need.

The bottom has four large rubber feet and a removable air filter over the PSU inlet area.

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