Cooler Master H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition Case review

A Closer Look: Interior

With the back door off, there isn’t much to see on Cooler Master’s H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition case. That is by design though. Nearly all of your cables can be easily managed and hidden behind two large covers.

The cover over the rear of the motherboard area not only allows cable management but also a very large opening to work on coolers after installing your motherboard.

The front half of the case is covered in one large panel that can hide piles of cables with ease. Two screws hold it in place.

This cover has a design stamped into it to help with strength.

Under it by default are the fan cables for the twin 200mm RGB monsters in the front. You get an RGB splitter and 3-pin headers for the fans.

The front panel headers are also hidden under here. Besides the normal front panel I/O, you get cables for front USB 3.0 and Front USB 2.0

The power supply mounts to a removable rear bracket and slides in from the back. This bracket can be installed upside down if needed to make sure your power supply is oriented with the fan downward for fresh air intake through the filtered bottom.

The main tempered glass side panel is secured with a rotary latch. It is somewhat stiff and requires a coin or something to turn it.

Inside you have room for almost anything you want to install up to EATX. A non-RGB 140mm fan comes pre-installed on the rear exhaust area. Rubber grommets help with cables going to the front edge of the board.

The front power supply shroud part can be removed if you wish to install a front radiator, pump/res or other large devices.

The rear of the shroud is not readily removable but includes two 2.5” drive sleds.

If you don’t need or want them upfront, they can be moved to the rear of the motherboard tray if needed.

One thumbscrew holds the top cover in place. Under it is a large slotted bracket for mounting fans or radiators anywhere you need.

If you prefer to assemble your top cooling outside of the case, a couple of screws hold the bracket in place.

The front panel pops off easily without tools to reveal the included 200mm RGB fans.

The mesh on the front and side edges is metal and can be removed easily for painting or modding if you wanted.

The entire panel pops on and off with no tools.

The fans screw to the outside of the chassis, but the front is open mesh so they get plenty of air.

The included fans are Cooler Masters own MasterFan 200mm RGB that can move 90CFM each at a silent 800rpm.

There is enough space behind them to mount a slim radiator or more fans If you wanted to for some reason.

The case includes a spot to mount a 2-slot card vertically. You will need to supply your own flexible PCIe x16 riser though.

The card is entirely supported by the rear of the case.

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