Cooler Master H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition Case review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

I think most builders would assume it requires an expensive ‘flagship’ case and a lot of work to get an easy build experience, good airflow, tempered glass, and clean looking cables, but that isn’t the case with Cooler Master’s MasterCase H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition. While this case isn’t bargain-basement cheap, it’s also pretty affordable for its street price of $160. It has a lot of value-added features without all the expensive gimmicks and offers a very solid build platform that will be attractive to veteran modders as well as first time builders. Even if you aren’t doing a Phantom Gaming themed build, the red and grey accents over a black and silver case are elegant and should appeal to most. Cooler Master and ASRock have done a great job of setting this case apart aesthetically while simultaneously not beating you over the head with the Phantom Gaming branding. It’s a fine line to walk between being completely neutral and drinking the branding koolaide, and it has been done beautifully here. Throw in the fact that you get a couple of massive RGB fans, and the MasterCase H500P Mesh Phantom Gaming Edition should be right at the top of your list for your next build or upgrade


Great Job Cooler Master!

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