Cooler Master HAF 912 Gaming Case

Closer look at the outside

When looking at the 912 you can clearly see the HAF family resemblance, especially to it’s older brother the 922. The bold and rugged style is definitely present, and we think there is little reason to change a good thing. In terms of it’s weight, well it was surprising how light the case ended up being when removed from the box that it came in. Granted there isn’t anything in the case and that is a big part of its light weight, but the opposite can’t be about all the other HAF models we have reviewed.

Starting with the front of the case we have four 5.25” drive bays, with the bottom one being convertible to a 3.5” bay. All the drive bays are made of steel mesh to stick with the trend. Above the drive bays are the I/O ports, consisting of two USB 2.0 ports and dual audio plugs. To their right are the power and reset buttons. Then at the opposite end right below the drive bays, right behind the Cooler Master logo, are spots for two 120mm fans with one being included.

The side panels are not quite as aggressive as those of the previous models, these are a bit cleaner and less profound. The right side is plain Jane, but CM did make sure to provide plenty of room on the inside of the panel for cable management. The left side has bares the HAF logo and also provisions for a possible 120/140mm cooling fan.

The top of the HAF 912 has a raised flat surface, a decent place for setting things, like your digital camera or music player. If you feel the hot air needs a little help exiting the top of your case, CM has given you two possible fan options: dual 120mm or single 200mm fans can be installed.

The rear layout of the HAF 912 is quite typical of a modern day ATX case. Residing at the top is a 120mm fan which is included. Below that are the water-cooling inlets. Beside the seven expansions slot is an offset eighth slot for fan controller, COM port adapters, or any other components not requiring a motherboard slot.

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