Cooler Master HAF 912 Gaming Case

Closer look at the inside

For those that are looking at this image below and saying damn no black interior, you will have to purchase the HAF 912 Plus for that. This model has the standard metal color inside. Looking closely you will see that Cool Master eliminated most of the tool-less features as well, in an effort to keep the cost down.

One feature that was retained was the excellent cable management options. Looking at the motherboard tray you see several openings for routing cables to the back of the tray. There is even a large opening for easier CPU cooler removal.

Of the four 5.25” bays only one is tool-less, so chances are you will use this one for your optical drive. Below that is a removal HDD cage, with room for up to four drives. Besides lending to easier driver installation, the removable cage can also allow for a longer graphic cards. Below that cage is a more permanent HDD cage that can house two hard drives.

Affixed to the bottom of the case is another HDD cage, but this one is intended for the smaller 2.5” SSD and hard drives. If you plan on water-cooling CM also inserted mounting holes for a water pump, or it can even be removed entirely.

Need to enter the case from the front panel? Well, CM did not run any of the I/O cabling through the front of the case making it very easy to remove. If you wanted to mount a rad in front of the bottom HDD cage, it can be removed using a rivet gun and aligning the rad in the two 120mm opening.

Often the rear of the case lacks the tool-less options we see in other cases, as in this instance. As you can tell from the photo the HAF 912 utilizes the “Reverse ATX” design, meaning the PSU is mounted at the bottom of the case instead of the top. Rubber bumpers are also used on the power supply mounts to eliminate vibration noise during operation.

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