Cooler Master HAF 912 Gaming Case


The 912 is pretty straight forward when it came down to assembling the rig. I will say that we did miss the tool-less options we have come to see from CM.

In regard to the installation of a solid state drive you have two options; you can use the integrated 2.5” drive bay that we mention on the bottom of the case, use one of the 3.5″ bays with the provided plastic adapter. If you use this adapter along with the 2.5″ drive bay then you can fit a total of 4 2.5″ devices.

Installing a hard drive was very simple as CM did include several plastic brackets, which after screwing onto both sides the drive. Once in place all you have to do is slide the drive in an empty bay and it locks in.

This ASUS Radeon HD 5870 is the longest GPU we have at our disposal, but still you can see how much room we have left in the case towards the front for longer cards.

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