Cooler Master HAF 912 Gaming Case


If you are shopping for a case in the $60 price range then the Cool Master HAF 912 is one of the best cases we have seen. You will be happy to know that when you walk out of the store with this case in your cart, you have gotten all the rugged good looks as the other HAF cases. Also for an added peace of mind is that internally you have plenty of room to house all that you need to build a great gaming rig. With that extra hard earned cash you saved by going with this case, you now can spen on a better GPU or faster CPU.

Yes, the HAF 912 does not include all the extra fans that come with the other HAF models, but CM only opted to take that route as only the you will know exactly what type and how many fans you will need. There is also the lack of tool-less features, which is something that many of us will not fret about. It may take a few more minutes to get the rig together but once it is built its done and over. And the dollars saved once again can be used for other things like more ram, faster CPU or a more powerful GPU. Speaking of GPUs if you are lucky enough to be able to afford a card like the GTX 480 or Radeon HD 5970, you have plenty of room in the HAF 912.

While this model of 912 doesn’t come with the nicer black painted rear or insides, for those that wish to have that you can opt for the HAF 912 Plus. Either way you go, you still end up with a HAF 912, and that is really all that counts!

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