Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 Case Review

A Closer Look: Exterior

The exterior of the NR600 has a matte black finish that extends to all surfaces of the case. The front panel is comprised of a seamless piece of mesh with a stylized solid line on the right. On the side of the NR600 is a flush mounted tempered glass side panel that is attached at the back of the case. Moving the screws to the back of the NR600 keeps the tempered glass free of obstructions and maintains the clean look of the rest of the case.

Below the tempered glass panel in the lower left corner, there is some subtle branding with a barely visible Cooler Master logo outline.

On the other side of the NR600 is an all steel panel that is secured by two thumbscrews at the back of the case.

At the back, you have your regular I/O and PSU cutouts as well as 7 expansions slots. The screws for the expansion slots are on the outside of the case but are out of view thanks to a little bracket. I think this is a nice touch that helps with the rest of the clean lines on the NR600.

You can remove the expansion slot bracket simply by removing the two screws holding it in place. Once removed, you have complete access to your I/O screws. I personally prefer them on the outside of the case as I find it easier to access them with a screwdriver.

Looking to the top of the NR600, it contains a removable magnetic dust filter and in the right-hand corner the case’s I/O.

Once the filter is removed from the top, a hexagon cutout pattern is revealed and has a rail system for installing radiators and fans. The outer rails seem to give a fair bit of play for your 140mm wide radiator and fans which should give you maximum component compatibility.

A closer look at the NR600 I/O shows a 3.5mm audio jack, two USB 3.0 ports, a reset button and a Cooler Master shaped power button.

Flipping the NR600 to the bottom, 4 rubberized feet are visible and there is a removable filter for the PSU intake.

Included with the NR600 is a user manual, warranty guide and stored inside the case is a bag of accessories which contains:

  • Various mounting screws
  • SSD grommets / screws
  • Zip ties
  • Tool-less drive rails
  • Standoff socket
  • Molex fan power cable

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