Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L Case Review

Packaging & Unboxing

Cooler Master’s Q500L arrives in a regular box with a profile line drawing of the Q500L with the I/O positioned toward the front of the case.

On the back of the box, you’re given a brief description of the Q500L on the left side with another profile line drawing on the right. At the bottom, there is a list of the Q500L’s notable features written in 8 different languages.

On the sides of the box, we are shown a front view of the Q500L and on the other side, a list of the case’s specifications are provided.,

Removing the Q500L from the box, like most other cases, it’s packaged in two pieces of Styrofoam and the case itself is wrapped in a plastic bag.

Once all the packaging has been removed, all that’s left is to peel the plastic from the I/O and side panel.

Stored inside the Q500L chassis are the user manual, warranty guide and a bag of mounting hardware.

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