Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L Case Review

A Closer Look: Exterior

Now that the Q500L has been unboxed, we get our first look at the case. The side panel is comprised of an acrylic panel that has beveled edges and is secured to the case with 4 thumb screws. The panel itself does have a notch cutout which leaves room for the Q500L I/O. The front of the case is entirely covered by a magnetic dust filter which has a geometric design on it.

Taking a closer look at the I/O panel, it includes 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 3.5mm audio connector, 3.5mm microphone connector, a reset button and a Cooler Master shaped power button. One neat feature of the I/O is that it can be installed in different locations. You can install it either on the top, bottom or its default location the front side.

The back side of the Q500L is closed off with a solid steel panel which is held in place with 4 screws with a rubber outer edge. These screws also act as feet if you wish to lay the Q500L on its side.

Like the front of the Q500L, the top also includes a geometric designed magnetic dust filter.

Removing the filter reveals a fully perforated panel allowing for excellent airflow.

Cooler Master was kind enough to include some customized silk-screened dust filters with the ProClockers logo on them.

Looking to the back of the Q500L, it consists of an I/O cutout, 7 expansion slots, and a plug at the top right. The expansion slots are accessed from the outside of the case by removing the plate covering the thumb screws. You may notice that there is no PSU cutout; this is because the power supply is installed at the front of the Q500L. The only downside to is that there is no power switch at the back of the case and you are required to remove the side panel access the switch on the PSU. I’d personally like to see Cooler Master include a switch if they choose to make a revision of the Q500L in the future.

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