Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6 Mid-Tower Computer Case Review

A Closer Look: Exterior

The MasterCase Pro 6 has a simple, but beautiful design.

Much like other cases in the MasterCase lineup, the MasterCase Pro 6 is simply beautiful. One of the main features of the MasterCase Pro 6, is Cooler Masters freeform modular system. This gives users the ability to upgrade their case over time, as opposed to replacing the case. With accessories, such as a tempered glass side panel, universal graphics card holders, horizontal SSD cages, vertical graphics card holder and SSD trays, you can truly make the MasterCase Pro 6 yours. Essentially every part of the interior is removable. This includes the hard drive bays, SSD trays and more.

The back panel sits flush with the rest of the case and looks simple, yet sleek.

You can see the air vents on the front part of the case. You can also see the lid to reveal the front panel I/O.

The lid to the front panel I/O is held in place by a magnet and has a rubber hinge. The front panel consists of the power and reset button, audio in and out, two USB 3.0 in the hard drive indicator light.

This picture shows the top panel raised, with the discrete air vents opened.

Both front and the back of the case, there is ventilation for airflow. However, both the top panel in front panel pop up and out to reveal discrete air vents. When these bins are open it greatly helps increase airflow through the system. On the top panel, near the front of the case, underneath a small flap is where you find the front panel I/O for the case. The I/O consists of two USB three, audio in and out jacks, power and reset button, as well as the hard drive indicator light. When open the lid to the flush I/O folded back to reveal a rubber hinge. This rubber hinge is a great feature and will prevent the lid from breaking off. When you close lid is held in place by small magnets and you can hardly tell it’s there.

The front and side panels can fold out and stay in place.

The front panel folds down to reveal to 5.25” bays, the four magnets that hold the front panel in place and allow the discrete air vents to open, as well as a mesh panel that covers the 2 x 140 mm fans that come pre-installed on the front of the case. The front panel can be completely removed to greatly improve airflow. However, I feel the MasterCase Pro 6 looks much better with the front panel installed. When the front panel is removed though, you can see the pre-installed LED strips that come with the MasterCase Pro 6.

The MasterCase Pro 6 comes with either red or blue LED strips installed on the bottom of the front panel.

The MasterCase Pro six with the front and side panel removed. Along the bottom, you can see the blue LED strips that come installed.

Here’s one of the magnets that hold the front panel in place and allow for it to pop up to reveal the discrete air vents.

With the front mesh panel removed you see the 2 x 140 mm fans that come installed.

Moving around to the rear of the case, you see a single 140-mm fan preinstalled, seven expansion slots in the mounting bracket for your power supply. One of my favorite features of the MasterCase Pro 6 must be the back cover. This back cover not only covers up all the thumbscrews for the side panels, but it also gives you a place for cable management on the rear of the case. This is an excellent feature in allows for a very clean build. All the cables can be tucked into the side of the back panel and hardly even seen. When the back panel is removed, you have access to the dust filter underneath the power supply. This case also has a removable power supply bracket. This allows you to remove the power supply from the rear of the case, without having to remove the back-side panel. The rear exhaust fan has tracks for the screws as opposed to just holes. This allows you to install either a 140-mm fan, or a 120-mm fan and adjust its height on the back of the case. If you are running an air cooler, you could potentially adjust the exhaust fan to line up perfectly with the fans on the cooler.

Here you can clearly see the tracks for both 140 and 120 mm fans.

Here you see the rear of the case with the back cover on.

With the back cover removed you have access to the dust filter under the power supply.

The MasterCase Pro 6 as a removable power supply bracket.

There is also a removable dust filter underneath the power supply.

The dust filter can be completely removed for easy cleaning.

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