Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6 Mid-Tower Computer Case Review

A Closer Look: Interior

The interior of the MasterCase Pro 6 is very spacious and easy to work in.

One of my favorite things about all the MasterCase cases is just how customizable the interior is. How often have you purchased a case that you love the look of only to find out that there are hard drive bays that are just in the way. This is not an issue with any of the cases in the MasterCase line up from Cooler Master due to their freeform modular system. If something is in the way, does a very good chance you can remove or just move it.

The interior of the case is very spacious and easy to work in.

There is a mid-plate that divides the basement for the power supply in the motherboard tray. On top of this mid plate there are two SSD sleds that come preinstalled.

Below the mid plate there is a track to hold the power supply in place and raise it above the vent just a bit.

Also below the mid plate are 2 x 3.5”/ 2.5” bays which are both removable.

Above the mid plate there are another 3 x 3.5”/2.5” bays. The height on these bays can be adjusted using the track on the back of the case or they can be removed altogether. The 2 x 5.25” bays are also removable.

There are two tracks that the removable hard drive bays slot into. One on the rear of the case in the other on the front where the drives screw into the track.

There are several rubber grommets for cable management. There are three along the motherboard tray as well as to on the mid plate. This gives you plenty of cable management to make your build nice and clean. Next to the rubber grommets for drive bays and other accessories. This track is where you would also install [the hard drive support bracket. Closer to the front of the case is another track in which accessories such as hard drive bays will screw into. This allows you to place them where is convenient for you. For example, if you have a longer than average graphics card you can either lower or just remove these bays. The 5.25” bays are also removable. This could allow you to install a taller than average reservoir, if doing a custom loop. In this case is perfect for a custom loop. With support for up to 280 mm radiator in the front, 280 mm radiator in the top, and a 140-mm radiator near the exhaust, there is plenty of room for cooling.

This case came with a single blue LED 140 mm fan installed in the exhaust.

The top panel, like the front, is held on by magnets on Springs. There is also a removable bracket that can hold up to a 280-mm radiator, or two 140 mm fans.

Here you see the magnets on Springs that hold the top panel in place and allow the discrete air vents to open.

The removable radiator bracket as for thumbscrews attached. This prevents you from losing the thumbscrews when the bracket is removed.

Here you see the radiator bracket removed from the case. Instead of having just fan holes, it has tracks. This allows you to adjust the placement of the fans or radiator if need be.

Here you can see the top of the case with the radiator bracket removed.

The piece a test that looks like a handle is the rear air vent.

With the top panel removed you can see the removable radiator bracket. This bracket makes installing either fans or radiator much easier. There are four thumbscrews at either corner of the bracket that you unscrew to simply remove bracket. I must say, that installing the H220 X2 I used in this build was a breeze. There is one thing I hate is trying to install a radiator, with fans in a push configuration at the top of the case. The removable bracket at the top of the MasterCase Pro 6 made this process simple and much less time-consuming.

The rear of the MasterCase Pro 6 is spacious and great for cable management.

The front of the interior of the case is great. However, behind the motherboard tray of the case can make or break the case. I’m happy to say that the rear of the MasterCase Pro 6 is great for cable management with plenty of room to tuck cables away as well as plenty of little loops for zip ties. I must say that my favorite feature, along with the preinstalled Velcro straps, is the track that the front panel cables come tucked into. There was also plenty of room for any other cables I installed to be tucked into this trap as well.

Here you can see the track designed for tucking cables into on the back of the motherboard tray. This is possibly my favorite feature of any case ever. I hope going forward all Cooler Master cases, or cases in general, implement this or something similar.

The motherboard tray has a very large cutout. This will prevent you from having to remove the motherboard to swap back plates for coolers.

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