Cooler Master MasterKeys MK850 Keyboard Review

A Closer Look

Lifting the MK850 out from its box, we were first drawn to its curves and black gunmetal finish. It’s nice to see some familiar elements we have seen on other Cooler Master keyboards as well as a few new additions for the MK850.

Common across all of Cooler Master’s new line of keyboards is its anodized brushed aluminum top which always looks stunning in the light.

Across the entire edge of the MK850 the aluminum top bevels to give the keyboard a unique premium look.

Looking to the top right of the keyboard there are some dedicated Aimpad buttons which can turn off the feature or configure the amount of dead zone.

In the center we have some media keys for play/pause, next, previous, and mute plus an additional button to turn off the backlit RGB.

To the far right of the MK850 are two precision scroll wheels which can be configured using Cooler Master’s Portal software.

One of our favorite Cooler Master keyboard features is the ability to use the on-the-fly controls to change the lighting effects and record/adjust macros. This is accomplished by holding down the Cooler Master logo button and using other key outlines in the MK850 user guide.

At the back of the MK850 are two USB 3.0 ports along with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Mimicking another keyboard in the Cooler Master’s new lineup, the MK850 sports the same floating key design.

Flipping over the keyboard, it’s nice to see some cable channels which can route the cable to either side or in the middle. The back of the keyboard includes 2 oversized adjustable feet with the front having the commonly seen anti-slip pads.

The feet themselves feel quite solid and have a nice height to them.

Looking in the cutout attached to the cable change we have a gold-plated USB Type-C port for attaching the included cord.

The detachable wrist rest is covered with PU leather fabric and has a barely visible Cooler Master logo in the center. It is extremely soft to the touch and has firm padding underneath to support your wrist.

The bottom is comprised of hard plastic with 6 rubber pads to prevent slipping while in use. The pads are installed in all 4 corners with the remaining two in the middle.

The wrist rest easily attaches to the MK850 with its embedded magnets on its edge. We were a little surprised with how strong the included magnets were and they hold the wrist rest in place extremely well.

The included USB Type-C cord has a gold-plated connector as well as Cooler Master’s signature purple plastic insert. The cord itself contains black braided sleeving and has a must larger diameter then we have seen on previous keyboards. This is possibly due to the inclusion of the USB 3.0 passthrough ports on the back of the MK850.

If you’re looking to add some flair to the MK850 you can do so with the included purple PBT keycaps. Personally, we like the added splash of color it gives to the MK850.

Pulling off some of the keycaps we see the installed Cherry MX red switches. We did take a peek at the 8 Aimpad switches and they looked identical to the normal ones.

Like the other Cherry MX switches, we have seen the RGB LED is located at the top of the switch.

By default, the MK850 is lit with Cooler Master’s royal purple but can easily be changed via the on-the-fly controls.

Turning off the lighting in my room enables us to see the vivid colors of the RGB LEDs on the Cherry MX switches.

Looking to the side of the MK850, the rainbow lighting effect is also seen in the lightbar on the front of the keyboard. 

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