Cooler Master MasterKeys MK850 Keyboard Review


To be able to adjust the settings such as the Aimpad sensitivity or lighting of the MK850 you must download and install the latest version of the Portal software from Once you installed it will automatically detect any compatible Cooler Master hardware including the MK850. Running the software, there are 4 different menu items for configuring the MK650. They include LED, Macro, Key Map, and Profiles.

On the first menu item Aimpad you are about to configure 3 different Aimpad profiles. This profiles are assigned to the M2, M3, and M4 mode keys on the left side of the keyboard. Each configuration can have different Aimpad key assignments and have the ability to set different sensitivity settings for each profile.

Looking at the LED menu items, there are several preloaded profiles for you to choose from. Below is the list of some of the effects along with their description:

  • Static – A single color
  • Rainbow wave – Cycling colors that go across the keyboard
  • Crosshair – Crosshair pattern starting from a pressed key
  • Reactive Fade – When a key is pressed, the color changes then slowly fades back to the original color.
  • Custom – Ability to assign your own colors to keys
  • Stars – Colors showing up on random keys giving a twinkling star effect
  • Rain – Rain like streams falling down the keyboard
  • Color Cycle – Color cycling across all keys
  • Breathing – Color fading in and out
  • Ripple – Color rippling back and forth in both directions starting from a pressed key
  • Snowing – Snowflake-like clusters falling down the keyboard
  • Reactive Punch – a “punch” of keys given a random color and fade away starting from a pressed key
  • Heartbeat – A heartbeat line across the keyboard starting from a pressed key
  • Fireball – A fireball going down the keyboard starting from a pressed key
  • Circle Spectrum – A rainbow-like effect in a swirl formation
  • Reactive Tornado – A rainbow-like effect in a swirl formation starting from a pressed key
  • Water Ripple – Colors rippling in a circular pattern starting from the pressed key
  • Snake – Play a game of snake using the directional keys

The next menu item Keymap allows you to re-assign or disable each key on the keyboard. Each key has a colored border letting you know if it has been reassigned (purple) or disabled (red).

On the Macro tab, you are able to record key actions and then assign that to a single key. For each macro you record, you can set it up either to run once when the key is pressed, run while you’re holding the key down or toggle on/off when you press the key.

The last item allows you to create and manage each of the 4 profiles of the keyboard.

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