Cooler Master MasterKeys MK850 Keyboard Review


With Cherry MX red being my switch of choice, it was no surprise that the MK850 performed extremely well with my day-to-day tasks such as writing emails and programming at work. The Cherry MX switches are not only a joy to type with, but they are also much quieter than blues. This is perfect if you wish to use a mechanical keyboard in an open space where other people might get disturbed by the clicking of the keys. I also really loved the included wrist rest, the PU leather felt great on the wrist and made typing for a long period of time a breeze. The only issue I ran into all day with the MK850 was the accidental keypresses of the left side mode keys. Since I normally don’t use a keyboard with keys on the left, I often found myself reaching toward the end of the keyboard for the shift and control but pressing a mode key instead. This wasn’t a huge issue and it did get much better towards the end of the session.

Once I got home, I was quite excited to try out the MK850’s standout feature, the Aimpad. Following the included booklet, I made sure that all of the 8 keys were calibrated correctly and were ready for action. After scrolling through a bunch of steam games looking for the perfect one to test the Aimpad technology, I decided to choose the fairly popular racing gaming Project Cars. The first few races were quite the disaster and barely leaving the starting block before spinning out of control. I constantly found myself either pressing the key down all the way down or not pressed at all. It was clear that it was going to take some getting accustomed to applying various amounts of pressure to the movement keys. After about 45 minutes of constantly restarting the race, I finally found my stride and wasn’t doing half bad. I was able to manage my acceleration to not spin out at the starting line and ease off the gas/apply the break to make sharper turns. After playing for about 2 hours, I felt I had a good feel for the new Aimpad and can see even getting better over time. I must say it was a wonderful experience and I can see me relying less on my controller when wanting to play a racing or flying game.

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