Cooler Master MasterKeys MK850 Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

From common tasks such as word processing to racing in Project Cars, the MK850 didn’t skip a beat. At work, I really enjoyed typing on the MK850 due to the MK850’s Cherry MX red switches and the included wrist rest. I’m normally not a person that uses a wrist rest but this being the second keyboard I have used to include with one, it might become a regular thing. While I was using it, I felt much more comfortable typing, and using the PU leather surface felt much better than my wooden desk.

Where the MK850 really shines is in games that can utilize the Aimpad technology. At first, I wasn’t 100% convinced that a keyboard could replace a controller for racing games. But after spending over 2 hours playing Project Cars with the MK850, I could easily see it doing just that. I took me about 45 minutes of re-teaching my muscles not to instantly press a key fully down but after I got used to it I actually was performing very well. I was no longer spinning out at the start line and was now able to brake/accelerate correctly on turns. I will say, even after my gaming session, I’m still not as comfortable with the keyboard as I am with a controller. But once I put in more hours with the MK850, I could see that controller going into a drawer and freeing up some much-needed space on my desk.

The MK850 checks all the boxes for the making of a great keyboard with its exceptional build quality, genuine Cherry MX switches, sleek looks and easy to use software. Though the $199.99 price tag may intimidate some, the innovative Aimpad technology included with the MK850 is worthy of the price tag. If you’re someone that loves trying out new technology or really enjoy racing/flight simulators, give the MK850 a look.

Great job Cooler Master!

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