Cooler Master MasterSet MS121 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Review

A Closer Look

Out of the box, we find a small footprint keyboard utilizing a raised key design and a lightweight but solid, black mouse. The wires are durable rubber and the addition of braided cloth over the wires would have been a nice addition.

Top down you can see the keys are clearly marked and we found the surface of both keyboard and mouse to be fingerprint resistant. Now notice the escape key is turned sideways on the upper left. The key slips right off and was easily reseated and the contest keyboard we received didn’t have that issue. We got two keyboards one for review and one for a contest (yes you can win a Masterset MS121 check the front page and check our social media page (Proclockers FB Page). (Entry Code: “MS121 Mine All Mine” Do not put the entry code on our FB page there is a Proclockers email [email protected] to send that too for a second entry) 

The lettering on the keyboard is well defined and easy to see with the RGB turned off and easier to see with the RGB turned on.

Here’s a shot of the keys raised above the surface of the bed of the keyboard, it’s a design that will keep crud from accumulating below some types of key styles.

The back of the keyboard is fairly unremarkable and contains the retractable feet a couple of non-slip pads and the product identification sticker.

Here’s a graphic of the Mem-chanical key layout. You have a housing that contains a spring that a tactile response plunger fits into then the keycap goes on top.

As mentioned this is a claw style gaming mouse with DPI settings from 500 – 3500 in four increments. It has the usual scroll wheel and DPI button as well as a couple of side buttons. 

From this angle, you get a peek at the two side buttons they control RGB and forward and back. The key combinations of the set are a bit overwhelming at first but like any other learning curve, you will get used to your favorite settings.

From the front, you can see the split left and right click, the DPI button on top as well as the rubberized scroll wheel.

For a claw mouse, the design is fairly ergonomic but if you have ginormous hands it may feel a little small in those large mitts.

Now you get a glimpse of that RGB goodness that seems pervasive in the PC industry currently. There are a good number of patterns like Wave and reactive to play with. We found the moving colors to be a great eye catcher but solid colors were less distracting during gaming sessions. 

The RGB accents on the mouse are minimal and placed along the back and scroll wheel which is appropriate as your hand covers most of the mouse.

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