Cooler Master MasterSet MS121 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We’ve had mem-chanical in our hands before and there are a couple in the lab hanging around. The fact that they are hanging around in the lab should tell you that they are functional and easy to use. We aren’t big fans of the FN key adjustment scheme and occasionally have to look under the keyboard for the manual to remember a setting we want to change but you quickly get used to the layout and a few FN and F keys later your set and ready to go.

The Windows Keylock function is a must for games that will run in windowed mode and the full keyboard lock is great for when small children are around. 

The RGB isn’t addressable on a per key basis but there are plenty of settings to play with and the out of the box full RGB wave is eye-catching and a conversation starter. Anyone looking at it from an “I just have an OEM keyboard” stance will be jealous.

The tactile feedback on the keyboard is definitely there and quieter than mechanicals with the loud clickity click. The smooth actuation and short travel distance are appreciated as well as the lighter actuation force needed when compared to 50g actuation force mechanicals.

We checked around and off-brand mechanical Keyboards and mice with limited RGB ran between $105 and $122 and most had 7 color LED not true RGB so we expect Cooler Master to price the mem-chanical below that point and frankly the MasterSet MS121 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse are better equipped and offer more high dollar features than the lower end mechanicals we expect to be higher priced than this set.

Given the track record of Cooler Master and the quality of components used in the MasterSet MS121 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse, we wouldn’t kick it off our desk and it would be a highly placed contender for a first gaming keyboard and mouse for the up and coming gamer. It would make a well-received birthday or Xmas gift for any young gamer and unless you want to come out of the gate spending a couple of hundred dollars for high-end mechanical keyboard and mouse this is a good choice with well-chosen components.






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