Cooler Master MM720 Gaming Mouse Review

Cooler Master MM720 Thoughts and Impressions

Enough about the specs though, as you can find those yourself here. As I said before, I spent quite a bit of time with this mouse in particular, more than I would usually spend using a mouse. This extra time was taken for one main reason: I couldn’t decide just how I felt about the ergonomics. It took me at least a week or two to get used to having my ring finger (third finger) on the mouse and my pinky on the side. My usual mouse has the more typical setup of having two fingers on and the ring finger on the side. This mainly manifested itself as me trying to use my ring finger as a button when I really wanted my middle finger (right click). Now, I may just have some neural problems, but I don’t think that is the case. I found this issue subsided after using the mouse for some time. Once I resolved that, I found that I quite liked the mouse.

The mouse’s nice lightweight quality does make it easy to pick up and move rapidly across the mouse mat when trying to quickly change my aim. I found this particularly useful when zoomed in with a sniper. The <2mm lift height aided this as well. The nicely braided cable also stayed snag-free, meaning it was easy to utilize the entire space of my oversized mouse mat. I found that my K/D met or exceeded that of my usual mouse that I have many, many hours using, so perhaps this is just the mouse I need to give me the edge in my games.

Aesthetically, the mouse is pleasing. The RGB can be configured with numerous different colors to match your style. It features two zones, meaning you can have multiple colors on the mouse at once. For instance, I have set the mouse wheel as green and the body as blue. You can also have the mouse do a “breathing” effect where it gets brighter and softer or a color changing effect where it shifts between colors. The matte finish is pleasing and seems to stay relatively clean, even for a user that tends to snack while gaming. As an additional bonus, the mouse is IP58 rated, meaning spills should not affect the functioning of the device. Cooler Master even says you can dunk it in water to clean it, though this isn’t the recommended method.

Adding to the durability of the mouse are the optical switches used for the spartan assortment of buttons. These should help with registering clicks while lasting longer than the mechanical alternative. And if you’re like me, durability is a key factor in a mouse–I may or may not be a mouse slammer when I get sniped. In other words, if I can manage to not break it, you’re going to be hard-pressed to do worse. However, if you’re into having a ton of programmable buttons, this isn’t the mouse for you, as it has your standard mouse affair: left, center, and right click and forward and backward for the web browser (configurable). 

The MM720 mouse currently lists for around $50 in the US, though you can likely find it cheaper. At that price, Cooler Master is presenting a hell of a proposition for a durable, lightweight gaming mouse that even includes RGB. While I’m not sure it’s going to replace my everyday mouse for work, it is definitely going to find its way into my backpack for my travel gaming sessions as I can trust that it will still be functional when I pull it out at my destination–and it might just give my K/D a boost as well.

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