Cooler Master MM830 Mouse Review

Packaging & Unboxing

There was no surprise when the MM830 arrived in Cooler Master’s signature black and royal purple packaging. The front of the box contains a photo of the lit up MM830 with one of its rainbow-like presets. On the right-hand side, there are 4 notable feature badges that include: RGB Lighting, 24,000 DPI sensor, hidden D-Pad, and OLED display.

On the side of the box, in over 20 different languages, you are directed to Cooler Master’s website for more information on the MM830.

The back of the box contains an illustration of someone using the MM830, and highlights features like the OLED display and the hidden D-Pad. These features are also described in nine other languages at the bottom of the box.

A list of the MM830’s features adorns the other side of the box and includes the 4-zone RGB and precision wheel.

From the front, you can open the packaging like a door, which displays the MM830 encased in a molded plastic shell.

After removing all of the packaging, we are left with the MM830 and a quick start guide.

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