Cooler Master MM830 Mouse Review

A Closer Look

The MM830 is entirely black and has a matte finish with the exception of the rubberized left side. Placed toward the back of the mouse is a Cooler Master logo outline which is one of the RGB zones of the MM830.

The front of the mouse has your common left and right mouse buttons with a center scroll wheel. The wheel itself is comprised of a translucent RGB area on either side and a textured rubber center. Below the scroll wheel are the DPI indicators which light up differently depending on what DPI profile is selected. You can change your DPI at any time using the center button which is near the DPI indicators.

Some of the more unique features of the MM830 are located on its left side. This side is heavily contoured to fit your hand and has a rubber textured surface that acts as a cover for the D-Pad. The portion that isn’t rubberized houses an OLED 96 x 24-pixel display which can be configured via the Portal software.

The right side of the mouse also contours nicely to your hand and is made from the same matte black material that is on the top of the MM830. 

The bottom of the MM830 contains three oversized pads located at the back, front and left side. Like most mice, the optical DPI sensor is located in the center of the mouse.

Once the MM830 is connected to your PC, both the RGB elements and OLED display light up. By default, the RGB starts out with the color cycle preset which I promptly changed to purple to match my CK552 and MP750

The OLED starts off with a scrolling Cooler Master logo and their slogan “Make It Yours”. Like the RGB elements of the MM830, this display can be configured with a variety of different presets.

The MM830 is given the premium treatment with a braided cord.

Looking at the USB plug, Cooler Master has gold plated the connector and applied their signature royal purple to the USB insert.

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