Cooler Master MM830 Mouse Review


To test the MM830, I wanted to see how it would perform in both an FPS and MOBA environment. The FPS title I choose was the popular team-based shooter CS: GO and for MOBA I went with DOTA2. I split up my gaming into two sessions: the first being CS: GO and the second was DOTA 2. I spent approximately two hours in each game which gave me an overall feel of the mouse in each genre.

My test bench is as follows:

  • ASRock Z370 Tachi Motherboard
  • Intel 8700K Processor
  • 4 x 4GB Team Group T-Force Delta RGB Ram
  • MSI X-Gaming RX480 8GB GPU
  • Cooler Master 212 Hyper Black Edition Cooler
  • EVGA 750W P2 PSU
  • Cooler Master SL600M Case
  • Cooler Master MP750 XL Mouse Pad

In CS: GO, the optical sensor really shined as it had no trouble tracking my movements and flicks. I personally settled on a DPI of 4,000 but it’s nice to know that I have plenty of room for adjustments with the 24,000 DPI sensor. I also like that the MM830 has four different DPI profiles as in some situations it might be new to make minor adjustments during a match. From a comfort standpoint, I thought the MM830 conformed perfectly to my hand and felt great for the entire session. I did find the mouse on the heavier side at 122g and took me a little bit to get used as I am accustomed to a lighter mouse. If Cooler Master could shave 10-15g off the MM830 for its next revision, it would be the perfect weight for FPS games like CS: GO.

Moving over to DOTA 2, the star of the show was the D-pad. For MOBA’s, those buttons map perfectly to your hero’s abilities and are much quicker to use. I did find it took about 10-15 minutes to train myself not go to the keyboard to use my abilities, but after that the mouse buttons became second nature. On occasion, during some intense battles, I did accidentally hit the lower button on the D-pad a few times. Toward the end of my testing, the frequency of this did lessen as I got more used to the MM830. Like CS: GO, the mouse was very comfortable for the entire session and the heavier weight was less of an issue in DOTA 2. Personally, I think this mouse is excellent for these types of games and the D-pad will be something all MOBA players will appreciate.

Looking at the one aspect of the mouse that isn’t currently gaming related, the OLED display, I think this is a really neat feature. It’s perfect for personalizing your device but at the moment doesn’t add anything to gaming. At this point in time, it can only provide statistics/settings about your computer and the ability to configure a custom image. I would like to see Cooler Master enhance this display with some in-game data such as frags and/or deaths. This won’t enhance your gaming experience as you’re not actively looking at your mouse during a match but it does add that cool factor that everyone loves.

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