Cooler Master MM830 Mouse Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

My overall experience with Cooler Master’s MM830 was extremely positive and it has some features I really enjoyed. I liked the overall size of the mouse and was perfectly contoured to fit my hands. During each of the gaming sessions, the MM830 was quite comfortable using a palm grip and it glided nicely across the MP750. At first, I did find that the MM830 was a little heavier than I would like. I personally would like to see it shed about 10-15g in its next revision to bring it closer to 110g. This didn’t affect my gameplay at all, as it just took some getting used to in CS: GO.

By far my favorite feature of the MM830 was its D-pad. While playing both MOBA’s and MMO’s, I’m constantly in need of more buttons on my mouse and the MM830 delivers. Having those four extra buttons not only frees some keys on the keyboard but also increases your reaction time in those clutch moments.

Though the OLED display doesn’t enhance your gaming ability, I do like that it allows you to put a more personal touch to your mouse. I can see pretty much everyone uploading a custom logo to be displayed and adding stats like CPU/GPU usage. I’m hoping in the future we will see these displays on other peripherals like keyboards and enhance it with some in-game data.

Overall the MM830 is a well-rounded mouse that includes game enhancing features like the D-pad and gives the ability to make it your own with its OLED screen. So, if you’re in the market for a new MOBA/MMO mouse or require the precision of a 24,000 DPI sensor, the MM830 might be your next   go-to gaming mouse.

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